Technical Support

Technical Computer Support

Technical Computer Support

Computers were invented to make us more productive and ultimately make our lives easier. In many ways our lives are much better because of the computer, yet sometimes they can frustrate us beyond all reason and to the point we want to curse an inanimate object. Generally, most humans do not speak “computer” which can cause a communication barrier. At G&C Technical Services, we are fluent in computer-ese and will be happy to act as a translator. We can get systems to work for you so you can concentrate on what really matters the most – your business.

In Orange County and surrounding areas, we provide superior IT technical services and support to businesses of all sizes and industries.

Our many clients are able to remain productive even when computer issues that cannot easily be remedied stand in the way of completing their work. We provide support in person, onsite, over the phone, or remotely where we will assess the problem and get you back to the task at hand. We have clients that benefit every day from our services. Here are just a few benefits:

  • Cost effective IT solutions and services tailored to your needs
  • Trained, Certified, Expert Technicians
  • Quick Response – Centrally located in Irvine – We can be on sight promptly
  • Technicians ready to help over the phone and remotely
  • We resolve issues on the first visit unless additional work is required
  • After hours support arrangements available
  • Customer Service is our number one priority
  • Unique perspective from interested party “outside” of your organization

And we’re not just saying that.  See what Nathalie has to say about her experience:

G&C has become an integral part of our team. They respond quickly and solve problems with ease. Thanks guys and keep up the good work!

— Nathalie C., Greystone Multi-Family Builders

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