IT for Small & Medium Size Businesses

IT For Small Business

IT for Small Business


G &C Technical Services understands the IT needs of small businesses and we specialize in providing complete network and end user support, while making customer service our number one priority.  We are focused on solving technical problems in the shortest amount of time, and with the least amount of cost to our customers.

Whether we are offering onsite, phone, or remote support, our clients are confident and content in our experience and professional expertise. We make it our priority to prevent problems before they occur. However, when the inevitable problem arises, G&C Technical Services will be there for you day or night

We are located in central Orange County, California, so we are close by to help you when you need us most.



IT for Medium Business

We excel at finding ways to considerably reduce IT support costs while offering enterprise-level IT support services.

Our skilled, certified, expert technicians will work with your internal IT staff to find the right balance between in-house talent and outside support by maximizing the capabilities of your in-house staff with the expertise found in G&C Technical Services.

We’ll even work with your in-house team to provide them the support they need and provide one-on-one training, end-user documentation, or how-to videos.

G&C Technical Services can step into any project and provide whatever services you may need and help achieve a successful implementation with our own in-house development team.

If your business needs an IT solution, we can help you find the right solution.
Give us a call and we’ll figure out together how G&C Technical Services can best serve you.