IT for Small Business

IT For Small Business

IT for Small Business

Most businesses with fewer than 25 network users simply choose not to invest in, nor do they have a need for, a full-time dedicated IT support staff. When an IT support need arises for a small business, we’ve seen this scenario occur all too often:

The small business retains the services of an individual freelance consultant, who may or may not work out of his bedroom, or an IT consulting organization. The real expense begins when tough network problems or other technical issues are uncovered.  These outsourced computer consultants may end up charging high technical support fees with low worker productivity due to the lack of comprehensive skills and the amount of time spent looking up the problem through Google.

With more than 30 years of combined experience, there is very little that surprises us anymore. This longevity and dedication to our craft results in a better quality resolution, quicker turn-around time, and a lower investment. We understand the IT needs of small businesses and we specialize in providing complete network and end user support, while making customer service our number one priority.

Whether we are offering onsite, phone, or remote support, our clients are confident and content in our experience and professional expertise. We make it our priority to prevent problems before they occur. However, when the inevitable problem arises, G&C Technical Services will be there for you day or night.

G&C Technical Services is located in central Orange County, California, so we are close by to help you when you need us most. Our skilled staff will provide a prompt response, expert troubleshooting, and know-how to fix the problem the first time. This is one thing that our loyal customers appreciate most. We are focused on solving technical problems in the shortest amount of time and with the least amount of cost to our customers.