Custom Software Development

custom computer programming developmentCustom Software is simply a computer application, web site, or mobile app that is built to your specific requirements. G&C Technical Services can customize existing software to help you automate virtually any task or we can build a complete application to encompass an entire process.

Sometimes a “helper utility” is what is needed to construct a “bridge” between applications or processes. This case study details a situation where a small investment in some custom built software saved the client thousands of dollars and man-hours.

Custom built solutions to enhance an existing software package

CASE STUDY:   One of our clients provides network support for hundreds of thousands of credit union members. Their accounting software package could not import the member transactions and assign the correct billing rate for each different type of transaction.

We sat down with the client to understand the complexity of their fee schedule and then wrote an application that could import all the transactions from each different credit union branch. The application would then determine the appropriate billing rate based upon several different criteria that the client is able to manage and change at their discretion. Once all of the transactions have been reviewed and approved, the client exports each billable line item directly into their accounting package so the invoices can be generated.

This custom written software application has been used to import millions of transactions and continues to save the client countless hours and thousands of dollars.

There are a hundred different scenarios where we have created just the right solution using custom written software. What can we create for you?

Custom Software Solutions

Truth be told, we love discussing software development and planning the solution.  We would welcome the chance to discuss your “pain points” so we can design a solution with you. Let’s take a look at some of the platforms or technologies that we have at our disposal to build a better solution.


An intranet is a web site closed off from the Internet (the world outside of your company) by being created “behind the fiirewall”.  Think of how useful Google, Wikipedia, and Amazon are in our everyday lives.  Now, imagine these types of services were specific to your company.  Imagine the increase productivity by having one place for your employees to get and put all of your company’s digital information

Customer Portal

A “portal” is a website that is available only to those users you allow access to.  This level of security is the ideal tool to provide your customers, clients, vendors, investors, or whomever you determine, to access their statements or other related information at anytime instead of sending them out through email or snail mail.  The best part is you control who has access and what information they can view.


It used to be that a website was little more than an electronic brochure for your company.  With the massive improvements in browser capabilities, a website can allow you to grow and expand your business in ways that might have been completely out of reach before.

At a minimum, a website must be properly built and managed because it is now the window to your company for the outside world.  Your website must be expertly constructed using Responsive techniques, which allow your website to be visible and readable on any device, from a smartphone to a big screen TV.

Many businesses are interacting with potential clients and customers through their website or social media.  If your company is not already benefiting from this ever expanding electronic community, you need to be.


Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the art of moving your website up in the search result rankings when certain words related to your business are queried.  There are many facets to a “web presence” and each must be polished to make the whole “gem” shine. The gem being more business coming in due to an increased web presence.

Accomplishing this task is truly not a simple undertaking. There is no magic formula and the field is pretty large for nearly every industry.  Google noted in 2008, that there were one trillion (1,000,000,000,000) unique URL’s they had indexed.  With 65% of the search market in 2015, Google performed 3.5 billion web queries every day.

Most businesses believe they can manage their website’s SEO themselves. Some of them can do an okay job, if they have the time and resources available.  Truth is, nearly all of them can’t.   G&C Technical Services can develop and manage an SEO plan for your business, which is designed to help you outrank the competition and increase your web traffic.


We can provide a solution for each of the topics listed above using WordPress, the single largest web site management platform in the world.  The entire solution can be based in WordPress or an existing product can be enhanced using WordPress technologies.  The top three reasons for using WordPress are 1) It provides a quick turn around time, 2) Once the site has been constructed, you can manage all aspects of your web site in-house, if you so choose to, and 3) A WordPress site is simple to add additional functionality to.

Reporting Services

Move the reports that you are generating from Excel or Crystal Reports to Reporting Services.  They will be available on demand and/or can be generated & distributed on a schedule.  Whether you already have Microsoft SQL Server installed or not, adding Reporting Services  or additional reports is just a phone call away.

Microsoft Office: Excel, Word, Outlook, Power Point, Access

Automating the manual tasks that you are currently performing will save you time and money. We can pull data into an Excel spreadsheet from almost any data source to eliminate manual data entry and increase accuracy. We can even eliminate many manual processes by translating the entire process into an intranet application, increasing accuracy and efficiency.

Budgeting is the most common company processes that begs for automation and typically has none, wasting hundreds of staff hours every year.  G&C Technical Services has extensive experience in managing the annual budgeting process using Excel and an intranet.

Mobile Applications

Do your employees need access to your data while they’re out of the office?  Do you want to engage your customers and keep them longer?  We can build a mobile app or create a Responsive web site that works on both desktop browsers and tablet/smartphone browsers to provide and retrieve specialized data.

Pre-built solutions

Depending on your needs, there may be an open source solution that already exists that is low or no cost. We can help implement this type of solution, should if fit your needs.

Free consultation

We look forward to discussing how we might be able to help you improve on your business processes. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

What tools do we use

This is a list of the tools we have used and are currently using in our custom software programming.  Keep in mind, that this list is not complete (do we need to include the old school apps, too, like Lotus 1-2-3 & WordPerfect?).  If you have a project that requires a language, tool, or platform that is not listed, call us anyway.  We’re able to bring in some outside help or expand our list by adding another dialect very easily.

  • Operating System:  Windows Server, Windows, Linux
  • Database:  Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Microsoft Access, PostgreSQL, Btrieve
  • Web:  HTML, CSS, Javascript, IIS, Apache
  • Web – Dynamic:  WordPress, PHP, C#.Net, VisualBasic.Net, ASP.Net, ColdFusion
  • Reporting:  Microsoft SQL Reporting Services (SSRS), Crystal Reports, Microsoft Dynamics Report Writer, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access
  • Miscellaneous:  Microsoft SQL Integration Services, VisualBasic, Microsoft DTS, Batch Files, Windows Scripting Host