Microsoft Dynamics GP Development

Microsoft Dynamics GP DevelopmentMicrosoft Dynamics

Whether you have an existing customization that needs minor changes or you would like to explore the possibility of new functionality in your Dynamics GP environment, several options are available for Microsoft Dynamics GP. These tools include, but are in no way limited to, the following:


eConnect is a set of development utilities and APIs that integrate outside data sources with Dynamics GP components and back office document transactions. Some of the benefits to using eConnect are reusable code, standard technologies such as XML and Microsoft Message Queuing, and quicker development time by focusing on business logic without rebuilding transport protocols. eConnect is ideal for tying your systems together in real time with multiple integration points and is excellent for high volume, high speed back office transactions.

Integration Manager

Integration Manager is an integration tool used to convert and transfer data from most database formats or desktop applications into Dynamics GP. Integration Manager can be used to import or export data from a variety of sources including CSV, Microsoft Excel, and most ODBC data sources. It is a component based application consisting of a core conversion engine and a set of adapters which are used to process GP’s business logic. Some of the advantages to Integration Manager are that it helps in mapping data sources to GP objects without having to refer to tables directly, all integrations use built-in GP business logic, and there is minimal maintenance required for upgrades. Once an integration is defined, the mappings and table formats have minimal changes between system upgrades.

Modifier with VBA

Modifier with VBA (or Visual Basic for Applications) is the perfect tool for changing the appearance and functionality of any Dynamics GP window in multiple ways. Cosmetic changes, including color, font, text, and graphics displayed can be made. Information displayed within a window can be altered, moved, set to a default, protected, or even deleted. This allows important information to be moved to a more prominent position, and less important information to be de-emphasized or removed entirely. Also, new information or business logic can be added as the GP project evolves.


Dexterity is the same language that Dynamics GP was developed in. It is a full development environment which allows custom modules to be developed and integrated seamlessly into GP. Dexterity is best used to create new windows and tables, and easily integrate them into the GP user interface.

Microsoft SQL Server

All Dynamics products use Microsoft SQL Server for their back-end data operations.  When customizing Dynamics database functionality, the sky is the limit as to the level of customization that can be created.  G&C Technical Services has written and modified thousands of lines of Dynamics customization scripts to enhance and improve the software’s capabilities.

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