Microsoft Dynamics GP Hosting

Microsoft Dynamics GPMicrosoft Dynamics GP in the Cloud with G&C Technical Services


Microsoft Dynamics GP is a financial accounting solution that helps small to midsize businesses gain greater control over financials, inventory, and operations. It is the ideal fit for diverse businesses that require extensive flexibility, which means it’s also the ideal fit to be deployed in the Cloud.  Whether it’s an existing GP customer looking to lower their total cost of operation, or a new customer looking for a rapid deployment, Cloud Dynamics GP with G&C Technical Services will meet their needs with ease and speed.


Low Monthly Fees, and other reasons to put GP in the Cloud

Customers looking to use GP as their ERP system are likely to be part of some of the most dynamic organizations out there, which means they require their systems to be flexible and responsive to changing business needs and climates. The only answer for Dynamics GP partners is to offer GP in the Cloud with G and C Technical, where ERP moves from being a cumbersome capital expenditure to an “on-demand” system that they can access as needed, paying for what they use and not for idle seats. With low monthly fees, Dynamics GP pricing becomes even more profitable.

With G&C Technical Services as your Dynamics cloud partner, you can offer your customers the confidence of working with a global Cloud Services provider with the services and expertise that an ASP or general hosting company cannot deliver.


What the Cloud adds to Dynamics GP

A Dynamics GP ERP system is the backbone of any competitive company as it’s where financial information, business intelligence, project management and myriad business processes are integrated to help a business plan for growth. And if you can’t respond to the information your ERP system gives you quickly – because, you are tied down with something else like an annual contract or an outdated on premise solution and the capital expenditures that come with it – you quickly fall behind. That’s why G&C Technical Services Cloud offering and GP customers go together so perfectly. The Cloud helps deliver the business goals an ERP system like GP is designed to meet.


No need to maintain or update own equipment which could be costly.

All data would be in a secure data center with redundancy and backup so business will not lose any pertinent information.