Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) Software Life Cycle

From Conception to Upgrade and Beyond – A Comprehensive Resource

For any software application to be considered a success for your business, a road map or life plan must be carefully thought out, revised, executed, and maintained.  Microsoft Dynamics GP is just such a software application.

This road map or life cycle plan will ensure that virtually every option has been considered before you begin to interview and ultimately hire an Implementation Specialist, who will work with you and ensure that your Dynamics GP installation provides many years of problem free operational support.

The life of a software application can be compared to the life of a human being.  Never thought about software this way? Let’s take a look at some of the many similarities:

  • They are both conceived with a thought, an idea, or a mutual goal
  • There is much planning and preparation as this conceived idea begins to grow and the anticipation begins to build
  • Specialists are brought in to ensure that this conceived idea is going to have everything it will need to grow and mature properly
  • Everyone who is related or connected is present, or at least notified, on the day this idea is launched.  Everyone wants to take a look at it and begin to become familiar with it, see how it looks, and what it can do
  • There is a great deal of learning to do as many stumble around trying to figure out how to react to it and how not to break it. Training is available and everyone is comfortable about moving forward (Too bad, this is not the case for the human being).
  • They both go through long periods of life with the occasional illness or bug that will be cured.
  • After a long while, they will most likely come to a point in their lives where an upgrade is necessary: A new hip or a new version.
  • Again, the specialists are brought in to ensure that the upgrade goes according to plan and that “the patient” is up and on their feet again as soon as possible.

There will be no delivering of any babies here, nor will we provide an instruction manual on how to raise your child.  What we will be offering is a detailed insight into the life cycle of the ERP software application Microsoft Dynamics GP.  We’ll share from our more than 30 years of combined experience with many businesses at every stage of the life cycle plan described above.

Rather than start at the beginning, let’s begin at the most frequently performed stage of the life plan: The Upgrade.

The Upgrade

Upgrading Microsoft Dynamics GP can be as big of a task as the initial installation. In certain cases, it can be an even bigger task because of the customizations that may have been added and volume of data that may exist in the current installation.

Unless you have a integration specialist on staff that can help with the upgrade process, you will want to work with a qualified and professional team that can ensure a problem free and successful upgrade. G&C Technical Services is here to provide you all the guidance, support, and expertise required to get the job done right.

This article will help you get familiar with what is going to occur during the Dynamics GP upgrade process.

Upgrading Microsoft Dynamics GP – What to Expect


Getting Started

Obviously, the software application needs to be installed before it can be upgraded. Let’s now discuss what you can expect and how to prepare when you’re ready to get started and install Microsoft Dynamics GP for your company.

Getting Started With Microsoft Dynamics GP


Maintaining Microsoft Dynamics GP Software

A good friend who is an auto mechanic of mine once told me that if you perform regular maintenance on any car it will last almost indefinitely.  Advice that I took to heart and put into practice as my daily commuter is nearing 200k miles and not showing any signs of giving up.

Although we’re comparing apples and oranges, the same mantra of regular maintenance applies.  Microsoft Dynamics GP is a software application who’s operational data is stored in Microsoft SQL Server databases.

Once the installation has been completed and regular user input has ensued, the ongoing and regular maintenance phase of this ERP software suite has begun.  This article will explain the eight things you should be doing, some of them often and other not so often, to maintain your company’s Dynamics GP database.

Maintenance for Microsoft Dynamics GP


G&C Technical Services is an authorized VAR of Microsoft Dynamics GP.  We have over a decade of experience providing exceptional service and support to each one of our business partners.

If you have any questions  or would like to discuss your options and need help creating a plan to install, upgrade, maintain, or backup your Dynamics GP software and data, please get in touch with us.  We’re here to serve you.