Getting Started With Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GPInvesting in Your Business With a New ERP Software Package

Whether your in the market for a first time ERP (enterprise resource planning) or upgrading to a better system, there is a very good chance that you have already done considerable research.  You’ve compared features, pricing, available support & training, and hardware requirements. Maybe you’ve decided on an ERP package or have at least narrowed down the list. An ERP software package is a significant undertaking and can have a negative impact on your business if not carried out properly. G&C Technical Services is an experienced and expert Microsoft Dynamics GP VAR and we’re available to guide you through every step.

If you are ready to dive into Dynamics GP or are still reviewing the available options, we’re here to help. Here’s what we recommend to begin the process of investing in your company’s ERP system.


Introductions and Fact Finding Mission

All business transactions must begin with an initial contact. Whether you prefer email, phone, or a face-to-face introduction, we look forward to meeting you and getting to know your business needs and expectations. This initial fact finding meeting usually lasts about an hour and is conducted by Greg McElheney, the managing partner.

We’re going to ask about:

  • What type of business
  • Current accounting software
  • Accounting methods
  • Reporting needs
  • Number of users (total & concurrent)
  • Business and current data processes
  • Data begin sent or received from other sources
  • Goals that you’d like to achieve from an ERP package
  • Budget & time frame

We’ll tell you about:

  • Whether or not Dynamics GP is the right product for your needs/company
  • Additional benefits Dynamics GP will provide
  • Our capabilities and how we can serve your needs
  • Customizations in the software & reports that we can provide
  • Cloud versus local network installation

Greg will spend as much time as you want discussing Dynamics GP as an option for your business. There is no pressure and no obligation or commitment. We’re big fans of Dynamics GP and want you to know more about this ERP package and making sure it is the right fit for your company.


Demonstration & Kick the Tires

Greg will prepare and conduct a demonstration of Dynamics GP for your accounting team. We request that the entire team be in attendance so that each member gets their questions answered and the other team members benefit. The Dynamics GP demo can last 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the number of modules  you and your team are interested in.

If you’d like to dig around a little deeper and really get into the inner workings of Dynamics GP, we can create a virtual machine and give you and your team access to this VM. This will allow you to actually use Dynamics GP to discover the feel of the application and how you might utilize all of its features in your daily operations.


Where to Install the Software

It used to be that the only option available to your business when it came to installing the Dynamics GP software application was on your server in your server room. There are multiple options available to you today.

Naturally, installing the software on your own servers in your own server room is still a very popular option. If you choose not to invest in additional servers or you don’t have a server room, you can install the software at a remote data center or you can lease the software in the cloud.

Remote Data Center

This is a very popular option for SMB because of the fact that you don’t have to purchase and maintain any server hardware. The software, that you purchase and own, is installed on a remote server that you lease from a remote data center. So, the software and all of your data is stored and backed-up remotely. You and your staff access the application through a Remote Desktop Connection or via a Virtual Network. The data center does not need to be located near your business since every thing can be done remotely.

The one downside to this option is that if your internet connection goes down, you do not have access to the software.

The Cloud

Another option that is becoming more popular is referred to as “The Cloud” where the technical model is referred to as “Software as a Service” or SaaS. For a monthly fee you can access the software, which you do not own, and all of your data. The software and your data are stored on the service company’s servers.

Again, a downside to this option is the dependence on your internet connection to access your data.


Written Estimate

After you’ve satisfied your curiosity and are considering moving forward with Dynamics GP, we’ll provide you with a written detailed proposal. This proposal will include the cost of the software, licenses for your team, installation, configuration, and everything your company will need to start using the ERP software.

Receiving this proposal does not obligate you nor are you or G&C Technical Services committed to anything stated in the proposal. If, after reviewing the proposal, you want to move forward with this project, you simply sign the proposal and we begin the process of getting your ERP package installed and configured.


Now We Roll-Up Our Sleeves and Get To Work

Once the proposal has been signed, we now have a contract, a business relationship, and a new member the Dynamics GP community. We’ll begin with an initial planning meeting to:

  • Map out the entire process from beginning to end creating a detailed time-line
  • Identify implementation team members and point-of-contact
  • Schedule a recurring meeting time to provide updates

The implementation team at G&C Technical Services will focus on getting all the requirements completed quickly and completely to ensure a successful and timely roll-out of the Dynamics GP ERP package.

We won’t leave you without a safety net. We’ll make sure your entire team has access to the proper resources, including training, so they can confidently manage the ERP software. We have a couple of different support options available to you and your team.

When you put your trust in G&C Technical Services as your qualified Microsoft Dynamics GP partner, you’ve got a loyal and faithful team that measures our success by yours.


Start the ball rolling by contacting us today.