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Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) Software Life Cycle

From Conception to Upgrade and Beyond – A Comprehensive Resource For any software application to be considered a success for your business, a road map or life plan must be carefully thought out, revised, executed, and maintained.  Microsoft Dynamics GP is just such a software application. This road map or […]

Maintenance for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Regular Maintenance Tasks for SQL Server and Dynamics GP The data for Microsoft Dynamics GP is contained in Microsoft SQL Server, a Relational Database Management (RDBM) system.  Because of the nature of the way data is written to the database from any application, there are certain aspects of SQL Server […]

Getting Started With Microsoft Dynamics GP

Investing in Your Business With a New ERP Software Package Whether your in the market for a first time ERP (enterprise resource planning) or upgrading to a better system, there is a very good chance that you have already done considerable research.  You’ve compared features, pricing, available support & training, […]

Upgrading Microsoft Dynamics GP – What to Expect

Questions and Answers About Upgrading Microsoft Dynamics GP Stop and think for a moment about all the things in life that get an upgrade. Just about everything except grandma’s good china. So, this is something we are all very familiar with. Upgrading a software application is a very common occurrence, […]

Creating a Data Backup and Recovery Plan

Before Disaster Strikes, Have a Comprehensive Data Backup and Recovery Plan In Place Imagine for a moment, that just one segment of your company’s data storage was unrecoverable due to equipment failure or human error.  How difficult, or should we say impossible, would it be to recreate the missing data? Now […]